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Focus & FreeStyle 3 Comparison
AirSep FreeStyle
Portable Weight
2.4 lbs (using single battery) 4.4 lbs (using single battery)
Size (in inches)
6.4 high
4.8 wide
2.5 deep
8.6 high
6.1 wide
3.6 deep
Flow Settings
Battery Duration Continuous Flow
Pulse Flow Only - No Continuous Flow
Battery Duration Pulse Settings 1-2-3
(with 2 Micro Batteries)
2 = 3.0 hrs
(with internal battery)
1 = 3.0 hrs
2 = 2.5 hrs
3 = 2.0 hrs
Sound Levels
41 dBA 40 dBA
Will the unit run in the car?
Yes Yes, all
pulse settings
Will the battery charge in the car?
Yes Yes
FAA Airline Approved
Yes Yes
Factory Warranty
3 Years 3 years

AirSep FreeStyle 3 Basic System
With 2.5 Hour Internal Battery

AirSep FreeStyle 3 Basic Bundle - 2.5 Hour Battery System from OxiMedical Respiratory

Add an External 4 Hour Battery with a 2 Bay Charger

AirSep FreeStyle 3 External Battery with Charger
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  About the AirSep FreeStyle 3
    FreeStyle 3 Frequently Asked Questions
AirSep FreeStyle

AirSep FreeStyle
A New Class of Oxygen Users
FreeStyle offers a uniquely efficient, ultra-compact, and flexible pulse-flow delivery system. Through this miniaturization into a wearable unit, a new class of oxygen users has emerged: Self-reliant individuals who are satisfied only when experiencing life to the fullest. For some that means travel across the country or travel around the world. For others, it's doing the garden chores on the weekend, unrestricted by time. For still others, it is the exhilaration in attending a grandchild's outdoor soccer match - carefree - or even trying your footwork at soccer yourself once again.

Now oxygen patients just like you are experiencing total freedom for the first time - all with the help of FreeStyle. And only AirSep Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-quality medical equipment for home, hospital, and clinical use, makes this possible. AirSep is the most experienced oxygen manufacturer, including the development of the industry's first POC. AirSep POCs are permitted on board commercial airlines, which means your journey with oxygen is wherever you wish to go.

Flexibility in Power is Key
FreeStyle runs on an internal, rechargeable battery. You can also use it while it is recharging — at home or in a motor vehicle. Peace of mind awaits you in realizing that you will never need to rush home again to change a cylinder or to obtain a refill of oxygen. FreeStyle enables you to enjoy living — wherever you are. You can easily power up from any standard AC or 12-volt DC outlet in any location. The 100-250V, 50/60 Hz unit is designed to operate anywhere in the world; just simply change AC power cords when needed. The FreeStyle POC
includes both an AC power cord and supply, as well as the DC power supply for recharging when in an automobile, motor boat,
or other recreational vehicle.

AirBelt™ for an All-Day Adventure
The FreeStyle unit’s internal battery enables up to 3 ½ hours of use between recharges – plenty for the majority of oxygen patient activities, and ample time also to move from one power source to the next. However, for those occasions when more
time is needed away from an available power source for extended activity – FreeStyle’s optional AirBelt serves as your trusted companion. Designed to be worn on the waist and connected to the FreeStyle unit, the featherweight AirBelt provides hours of extended battery duration. In fact, depending on setting, with AirBelt at your side, you can experience up to ten hours of ambulation between recharges.

Fashion and Function
Another unique attribute about FreeStyle is its design for “fashion and function.” No other oxygen system offers such an advanced concept for the contemporary oxygen user. The “basic black” style of bag with comfort shoulder strap is a fashion statement unto itself. It is designed to look unobtrusive, and tailored like a small video camera case. This bag comes standard with the FreeStyle oxygen concentrator, and the optional AirBelt in “basic black” completes this fashionable
oxygen ensemble to maximize battery duration while mobile.

Unleashing Your Potential
When you have no boundaries, you have no limitations to your potential. Caregivers and clinical professionals are recommending FreeStyle as the lightweight choice when an oxygen user clearly
needs a better solution than ordinary, refillable oxygen systems. FreeStyle can be the ideal selection for those ready to give up lugging around extra tanks, or those not able or willing to sit home for hours trying to refill their own cylinders. And there’s simply no more waiting around for the delivery truck to re-supply oxygen again and again. If you can see yourself, your patient, or your loved one in any of these life moments whether at work or at play – exercising, shopping, dining out, completing
errands, or visiting with friends and family, then it may be the right time to find out how the AirSep FreeStyle can be the ticket to a new kind of freedom.
See Also: AirSep Focus

What does the FreeStyle 3 portable oxygen concentrator weigh?
4.4 lbs with internal battery and the carrying case
The AirBelt weighs 1.8 lbs.

How long can the FreeStyle function on its battery power?
The FreeStyle has an internal battery that lasts 2.5 hours on Setting 2. By attaching a Battery Belt, you get an additional 3.5 hours at Setting 2.

How big is the FreeStyle 3?
It's approximately the size of a woman's purse:
8.6 inches High 
6.1 inches Wide 
3.6 inches Deep

It is acceptable to use the FreeStyle 3 while I’m asleep?
A doctor can decide whether the FreeStyle concentrator is suitable to use while you’re asleep. You may have to take an overnight pulse oximetry test to determine your oxygen saturation level at night while using FreeStyle.

It is acceptable to use the FreeStyle 3 portable concentrator while traveling?
The FreeStyle is perfect for those who travel but depend on oxygen therapy to get around. The FreeStyle can operate from a wall outlet (AC power), a car or truck charger (DC power), its own internal rechargeable battery, or battery belt.

Is the FreeStyle FAA approved for airline travel?
YES! The FreeStyle is FAA approved.

Understanding Your Oxygen Order Before You Buy a POC

Oxygen is prescribed by a control of the flow rate, i.e., liter flow. The common 1-3 liters per minute continuous flow is not appropriate in all situations. This could be too much or not enough.

Precision in the use of the proper flow, or amount of oxygen, is necessary. The flow of oxygen should achieve the normal amount of oxygen in your blood, expressed as a saturation above 90%.*

What to Know Before You Buy a POC

Portable Oxygen Concentrators manufacture oxygen, they do not store oxygen.

Portable concentrators produce enough oxygen per minute, which allows for an acceptable dose of oxygen every breath you take.

Portable concentrators that weigh 2 to 8 pounds only deliver oxygen on demand pulse flow.

Manufacturers of these devices place arbitrary numbers such as 1-3 or 1-6 to refer to the size of the pulse flow of oxygen and are not the same as liter flow. These settings are considered liter flow equivalents. Also, these devices do not all produce the same amount of oxygen at a given setting.

Who to Ask Before You Buy a POC

Our respiratory team of licensed nurses and respiratory therapists will take the time necessary to choose the right portable for your respiratory needs.

Our 14-day trial period on all portable oxygen concentrators assures your oxygen needs are met.

We understand that finding a portable oxygen concentrator that accommodates both lifestyle and oxygen needs can be a difficult process for both you and your loved one.

Why Self-Monitor Before You Buy a POC

Many people commonly check their blood pressure, blood sugar or air flow rate (peak flow) at home.

We can measure temperature and weight whenever we have the need.

We can now measure our blood oxygen and pulse rate at home as well, using a simple pulse oximeter.

A common word used when measuring oxygen is titration .

Titrating is the measurement of what your oxygen equipment and setting is achieving in the arterial blood. It’s the blood that energizes the tissue.

By taking your own measurements, you can adjust your oxygen setting for any situation and with any portable oxygen concentrator.

* This is a general statement. Your physician must prescribe your specific target saturation level.

  FreeStyle 3 Technical Specifications
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Height: 8.6"
Width:  6.1"
Depth:  3.6"

Weight 4.4 lbs (2.0 kg); 1.8 lb (.8 kg) optional AirBelt
Flow Rate Settings 1 - 3 pulse settings; equivalent to a continuous flow of 90% oxygen
Max. Oxygen Output Universal Power Supply: 100 - 240 VAC (1.0 amp at 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz);
11-16 VDC (6.0 amps max at 13.5 VDC nominal),
Rechargeable, lithium battery
FreeStyle unit: 28W at the 3 setting
Oxygen Concentration 90% Purity +5.5/-3%
Operating Temperature Continuous operation from 41° to 95° F
Short time operation up to 104° F
Transportation and
Storage Temperature

-2° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)

Altitude 0-12,000 feet (Higher altitudes may affect performance.)
Battery Duration Internal Battery: 3 setting - 2 hours; 2 setting - 2.5 hours; 1 setting - 3.5 hours

New Battery Pack: 3 setting - 3 hours; 2 setting 3.5 hours; 1 setting - 6.5 hours
Battery Charge Time Internal Battery: 3.5 hours
New Battery Pack: 3 hours






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