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Oxygen Supplies

Cannula & Tubing Bundle from
Cannula & Tubing Bundle
Model: SG2000

Our Price: $30 

This Bundle comes with:
  • 8 Cozy Cannulas with 7' Tubing
  • 1 Swivel Connector
  • 2 No-Kink Tubing 25'
Cannula Bundle from

Cannula Bundle
Model: SG1000

Our Price: $25


This Bundle comes with:

  • 1 Dozen Cozy Cannulas with 7' Tubing
Oxygen Tubing Bundle from  
25' Oxygen Tubing Bundle
Model: SG1100

Our Price: $25

This Bundle comes with:
  • 4 - 25' Oxygen Tubing
Swivel Connector Bundle from  
Swivel Connector Bundle
Model: SG1400

Our Price: $10

This Bundle comes with:
  • 4 Swivel Connectors
Humidifer Bottle Bundle from OxiMedical

Humidifier Bottle Bundle
Model: SG1200

Our Price: $25 

This Bundle comes with:

  • 4 Humidifier Bottles 
Oxyview In-line flow meter from
Oxyview In-line flow meter from

Oxyview In-line Flow-meter
Model: OXY206A

Our Price: $29 

Oxyview® is a pneumatic real-time oxygen flow meter for use with oxygen cylinders, concentrators and other oxygen delivery systems. This device can measure the flow rate of oxygen from 0 l/m to 6 l/m. It can be attached at all times and used to assure and measure oxygen flow rate. No batteries are required for product operation.

Oxyview® is reusable, requires no batteries, works all the time in any position with all liquid or gas O2 systems, and easily installs anywhere below the cannula nearest the patient where oxygen flow matters the most.

1 Oxyview®
1 Oxyview® Adapter Kit

Oxyview Smart Nasal Cannula
with In-line Flow-meter

Model: OXY206NCA

Our Price: $19 

The Ingen Oxyview Nasal Cannula with Pneumatic Oxygen Flow Meter is a unique adult oxygen cannula with an oxygen flow sensor built-in used to visibly monitor the actual amount of prescribed oxygen that is produced from the cylinder or concentrator. The Oxyview Smart Nasal Cannula simply connects to any oxygen source and immediately measures the oxygen flow rate that is given off from the device.
The Oxyview nasal cannula makes oxygen monitoring easy. Not only does it replace costly monitoring devices, but it is also a great visibility tool for healthcare professionals. FDA registered, this nasal cannula fits ALL respiratory devices and requires NO batteries for use. Use a cannula that will make life easier with Ingen's Oxyview nasal cannula.

Oxyview Nasal Cannula Features:
  • Instantanious oxygen monitoring
  • Replaces costly monitoring devices
  • Great visibly tool for healthcare professionals
  • Easy to use
  • FDA Registered Measure from (0 to 6 lmp)
  • Fits all respiratory devices
  • No Batteries Required
View the Smart Cannula Brochure
OxyMask from

Model: SG SOUOM-1125-8

Our Price: $8

The OxyMask is designed for nose and mouth breathers. The open design provides zero probability of CO2 rebreathing on low flow rates.

Respironics EverFlo Compressor Inlet Filter
Model: SG 1038831

Our Price: $29

Respironics recommends that you change the compressor air inlet filter every 24 months.
Oxymizer Disposable Oxygen Conserving Device
Model: P-224 
Our Price: $25  

The OXYMIZER oxygen conserving device is a disposable product used in the routine nasal administration of oxygen. As a result of its unique design, the OXYMIZER device efficiently administers oxygen while providing the following features:

  • No batteries required
  • A savings in oxygen usage of up to 75%, depending on flow rate
  • Allows you to obtain the equivalent of 7.5 liters from a 5-liter concentrator
  • Increased length of time that an oxygen user can be away from his/her primary oxygen source
  • Built-in humidification effect 
  • Compatible with a wide variety of oxygen sources, including compressed gas, concentrators and liquid oxygen
Medline EconO2Mizer II Pneumatic Conserver from

Medline EconO2Mizer II Pneumatic Conserver
Model: HCS2CON1L

Our Price: $249   

Medline introduces its new single-lumen pneumatic conserver - the EconO2Mizer II. This lightweight and compact unit has the greatest number of settings for continuous and conserving flows. The EconO2Mizer II features all brass in high-pressure zones, which is recommended by the FDA for fire prevention.

  • Small size and light weight makes unit less obtrusive and more portable (L: 4.8", W: 2.4", H: 1.5", weight: 13 oz)
  • 6 Conserving flows - most conserving flows available
  • 3 Continuous flow settings
  • Brass piston assembly - Safer than aluminum
  • Pulse design makes less noise and is less irritating to patient
  • Laser etched markings
  • 5.7:1 Conserving ratio at 2 LPM
Oxypulse mini Click 0 to 8 Regulator from

Oxypulse mini Click 0 to 8 Regulator
Model: 0-8 mini

Our Price: $29 


  • High strength aluminum alloy body
  • All brass core
  • CGA 870 yoke and CGA 540 nut and nipple
  • Click style
  • Easy to read flow rates
  • 11 flow positions
  • Ribbed flow selector for better grip
  • Viton rubber yoke seal with brass outer ring
  • Warranty: 1 year

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