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Things To Know

What is the size of the Inogen At Home home concentrator?
The Inogen At Home is the smallest home concentrator on the market. It measures 13 inches wide x 16.5 inches high x 7 inches deep.
How loud is the Inogen At Home?
The sound level of the Inogen At Home is 40 dBA, about a loud as a car air conditional on low setting.
How much oxygen does the Inogen At Home deliver?
The Inogen At Home home oxygen concentrator delivers 1 to 5 liters of continuous flow oxygen per minute.
How much does the Inogen At Home weigh?
The At Home weighs only 18 pounds and has a carry handle to easily transport the machine from room-to-room.
Are there filters that need to be changed on the Inogen At Home?
Yes, the sieve columns need to be changed upon notification, roughly every 18 months. The inlet filter needs to be changed up notification, roughly every 5 years. The air intake filter should be cleaned weekly and replaced if broken.

Product Info

State of the Art

The new Inogen At Home™ is one of the lightest, quietest, and most energy-efficient 5-liter per minute continuous flow oxygen concentrators on the market today. OxiMedical provides this small home concentrator in Denver, Glendale and Atlanta.

Energy Efficiency that pays for itself

At approximately 18 pounds, it is half the weight of some other home oxygen concentrators in use today. Additionally, the Inogen At Home™ runs at very low power consumption levels – which can save you money in electricity costs and can also pay for itself over the long term. And you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much less heat is produced by the Inogen At Home™ compared to other models. This is especially beneficial for those living in warm climates.

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