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Things To Know

3-Year or Lifetime Warranty?
You can order your Rhythm P2 with a lifetime or 3-year warranty. Batteries, carry bag, backpack, power supplies, and power cords have a 1-year warranty. Sieve cartridge has a 6-month warranty.
Can the Rhythm P2 be used without a battery?
Yes! The P2 can be used without a battery as long as it is plugged into a wall outlet with the AC power supply or a vehicle with the DC power supply.
Can I use the Rhythm P2 while charging?
Yes, the P2 can be used while it is plugged into an AC electrical outlet or a DC vehicle outlet. The external power will run the unit and charge the battery at the same time.
How long does it take to charge the batteries?
Up to 4 hours.
Can I use the Rhythm P2 while sleeping?
The P2 provides only pulse flow oxygen, which requires sufficient inhalation to trigger the pulse of oxygen. While many oxygen users can use a pulse unit while sleeping, others tend to breathe too shallow or through their mouth while sleeping and are unable to trigger the pulse. These oxygen users would be best served by using a portable unit that has a continuous flow setting.

Product Info

With its simple control functions and easy-to-read LCD display, the Rhythm P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is one of the most powerful units for its weight and size. The P2 has 5 pulse dose settings with oxygen concentration up to 96%. This compact unit is designed for 24/7 use and has a battery life up to 9 hours so there's nothing to slow you down when you're on the go. You get all this in a package weighing only 4 pounds and a very small 8.7" x 6.3".

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