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How Does An Oxygen Concentrator Work?

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Learn, Oxygen Therapy Equipment, Traveling with Oxygen, Uncategorized

Many people have conditions that cause or result in low levels of oxygen in their blood which require them to use supplemental oxygen. Supplemental oxygen can be delivered in a couple different ways.  First is the old way which is through an oxygen tank that is cumbersome and has a finite amount of oxygen in it.  Tanks require you to plan carefully so that you do not run out of oxygen and they must be refilled regularly. The second way is with an oxygen concentrator. So how does an oxygen concentrator work and how is it different from a tank?

Oxygen concentrators take in surrounding air, compress it, and purify it by removing “particles” that make breathing difficult for the person receiving supplemental oxygen. The O2 concentrator then produces oxygen-rich air that is immediately ready for use by people requiring oxygen.

An oxygen concentrator offers a variety of benefits when compared with an oxygen tank. Oxygen concentrators never run out of oxygen unlike a tank which must be regularly refilled or replaced.  As long as the O2 concentrator has power (wall outlet or battery) you can be confident you will have all the oxygen you need!

Additionally, portable oxygen concentrators are quite small, easy to carry and can weigh less than 5 pounds whereas tanks are heavy and difficult to move around.  Having a portable concentrator makes going about your daily activities much easier.  With a fully charged portable concentrator you can safely and easily go out for hours at a time without getting tired like you may when pulling a tank around and you do not have to worry about running out of oxygen.  Oxygen concentrators simply make life with oxygen better.  Which is why we at Oximedical always say, “Change your oxygen, change your life!”