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Our passion is helping you Breathe Stronger, which is why we sponsor the non-profit BREATHE STRONG AMERICA
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Please send me a copy of The SEVEN Healers Lung Health Guide from BREATHE STRONG AMERICA

and a $500 off coupon on my next portable oxygen concentrator purchase
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Get Cash for Your Oxygen Concentrator with Our Buyback Program

Receive an Offer for Your Old and Unwanted Portable Concentrator

Do you have a portable oxygen concentrator that you no longer need? We make it easy for you to sell it to us for cash.

    Complete the Buyback Request Form

    If you’d like a no-risk buyback offer, start by completing the Buyback Request Form.

    Review Your Offer

    Once we receive your buyback request, we’ll email you an initial offer for your equipment.

    Ship Your POC to Us

    If you like the offer, you will reply with your acceptance of our offer. Then we’ll email you a prepaid shipping label to use to send your POC to us.

    Testing your POC

    Once we receive your portable concentrator, our technicians will test it to be sure it’s in good, working condition.

    Receive Payment

    After your POC passes inspection, we’ll issue payment within 7 business days. If you trade in your POC for an upgrade, your buyback payment will be issued as a credit to the credit card you used to purchase your new POC. If you simply want a buyback, we’ll issue and mail a check via USPS. Either way, it’s cash back in your wallet!

    Buyback Form

    Buyback Request Form

    Fill out the form below.

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