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Things To Know

How dependable is a refurbished portable concentrator?
OxiMedical is a certified repair center for all major portable oxygen concentrator manufacturers. Our refurbished portable are guaranteed to go the distance. You can count on OxiMedical for the best portable oxygen.
What's the warranty for a refurbished portable concentrator?
Most of our refurbished portable oxygen concentrators include an 18-month warranty. Sometimes we have units with shorter warranties at an even lower price. Give us a call to see what refurbished oxygen concentrators are available!
Can I use the refurbished portable while charging?
Yes, our refurbished portable unites can be used while plugged into an AC electrical outlet or a DC vehicle outlet. The external power will run the unit and charge the battery at the same time.
Can I use the refurbished portable while sleeping?
Our pulse-only portables provide only pulse flow oxygen, which requires sufficient inhalation to trigger the pulse of oxygen. While many oxygen users can use a pulse unit while sleeping, others tend to breathe too shallow or through their mouth while sleeping and are unable to trigger the pulse. These oxygen users would be best served by using a refurbished portable unit that has a continuous flow setting. Call us for our refurbished oxygen concentrator availability.
Can I use a refurbished portable without a battery?
Yes! Our refurbished portables can be used without a battery as long as they are plugged into a wall outlet with the AC power supply or a vehicle with the DC power supply.
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Product Info

Say goodbye to cumbersome oxygen tanks and get all the benefits of a portable oxygen concentrator. Our refurbished oxygen concentrators come with an 18-month warranty included and all the accessories you need, including AC power supply for home use, DC power cable for use in the car, and a battery for maximum portability. You also receive all the benefits OxiMedical offers, including Drop-It Protection, Trade-In Upgrade, and more.

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