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Airline-Approved & Portables that will Charge in Your Car

Rent-To-Own Package

Carry Portable
4.5 lb. – 5 Pulse Flow Settings


  • $295 For the First Month
  • $99 Each Additional Month
  • Security Deposit Required
  • Free Shipping

Vacation Rental Package

Carry Portable
4.5 lb. – 5 Pulse Flow Settings


  • $395 30 Days
  • Security Deposit Required
  • Free Shipping

Stay active all day with your Inogen carry portable and sleep well with our mini night concentrator!

Frequently Asked Questions About Travel

Do I need a prescription to rent a POC?

Yes! We require a prescription from your physician before we will release a portable to you.

What’s the minimum rental period?

30 days

Can I take these on an airplane?

Yes! All of these devices are FAA approved for air travel

How many batteries do I need for my flight?

Airline requirements state an oxygen patient must have enough battery life for 150% of the flight’s time. Depending on your flight’s distance, you can typically expect at least two batteries will be needed. If you were to take a 3 hour flight, you’d want 4.5 hours worth of battery life.

Can I buy my rental?

Yes! 100% of your rental can be applied to your purchase!

For our customers, we offer vacation concentrators that deliver 2 liter continuous flow and weigh only 8 pounds, and will fit in your carry-on luggage for your next vacation. Please call our rental department.

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