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How often should I change my nasal cannula?

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Cannula Replacement

Many nasal cannula manufacturers recommend replacing your cannula if it becomes soiled, discolored, or stiff. Cannulas that are used nightly or 24-hour oxygen should be replaced every 30 days. Cannulas that are used with a portable oxygen concentrator can be replaced as needed.

Cannula Care

You should clean the prongs and headset tubing daily with a wet cloth and a mild liquid dish detergent. Do not use household bleach solutions, strong or scented detergents, alcohol-based products, or lotion soaps to clean your nasal cannula.

Sterilizing Your Cannula

There are multiple sources who will advise using a water & vinegar solution to sterilize your cannula if you become sick to eliminate bacteria. However, many cannula manufacturers recommend replacing your cannula rather than sterilizing it.


If you have the flu or cold disinfect your cannula every 12 hours and replace your cannula every seven days.