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Inogen G5 Review – PODCAST

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Inogen, Oxygen Therapy Equipment, Podcasts, Product Reviews

Producing 6 pulse flow settings in under 5 pounds, it’s no surprise the Inogen One G5 is the most popular portable oxygen concentrator Oximedical offers. The Inogen G5 is the most powerful portable concentrator in its weight class and is the only one that provides up to 6 flow settings among carry-sized portables.

Have a listen/watch to the podcast we’ve recorded where we discuss the features and benefits of the Inogen G5 portable oxygen concentrator and give our personal thoughts on this great unit.

Please click below to listen to the podcast and follow along with visuals that help explain what Konstantin and Paul discuss.

You can find more details about the Forever Oxygen Package that Konstantin mentions in the podcast here: https://oximedical.com/lp/inogen-portable-oxygen-concentrators/