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Mask Alternative For COPD Patients

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Do you have COPD and find it difficult to breathe with a face mask on? Guidance from many health organizations is that you should wear a face mask in public. However, many COPD patients have discovered that it is very difficult to take an adequate breath while wearing a mask. Furthermore, a mask can trap carbon dioxide that you just exhaled, furthering inhalation of poor quality air. As the summer months come you may even find it more difficult to breathe with increased heat or humidity.

An alternative to a face mask is to use a face shield as it can be a more effective deterrent against COVID-19 and other viruses. Face masks only provide some filtration. According to the Iowa VA Health Care System, a face shield can reduce COVID exposure by 92% to 96% depending on the distance from transmission.

Face shields are affordable, readily available, and can be reused with cleaning. They also provide a barrier from habitually touching your face, and many people find them more comfortable to wear and easier to breathe through.

Face shields have been adopted and found successful by many hospitals which is the basis for increased usage in social settings.