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Things To Know

Can I use the SimplyGo without a battery?
Yes! The Philips SimplyGo can be used without a battery as long as it is plugged into a wall outlet with the AC power supply or a vehicle with the DC power supply.
Can I use the SimplyGo while charging?
Yes, the Philips SimplyGo can be used while it is plugged into an AC electrical outlet or a DC vehicle outlet. The external power will run the unit and charge the battery at the same time.
How long does it take to charge the batteries?
It takes about 3 hours to charge the SimplyGo batteries.
Can I use the SimplyGo while sleeping?
The Philips SimplyGo has both pulse and continuous flow oxygen. While some users are unable to breathe properly while sleeping and are unable to trigger a pulse flow of oxygen, the continuous flow settings provide oxygen in the same manner as a home oxygen concentrator and can be used by all oxygen users while sleeping.
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Product Info

The Philips SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator we supply in Denver is designed with two mode settings, 1 to 2 liters of continuous flow mode or 1 to 6 pulse flow mode. The pulse mode is ideal for anyone who requires oxygen therapy, especially active users who don’t want to be confined to their home. When in the pulse flow mode, use a fingertip pulse oximeter to determine what setting would best keep your blood oxygen level above 90%.

We recommend using the battery on the pulse flow mode and the AC wall-out or DC car outlet on the continuous flow mode. The battery duration on the setting 3 pulse would be approximately 3 1/2 hours.

The SimplyGo is also unsurpassed in safety, featuring alarms that indicate high breath rate, no breath detection, low oxygen, system technical fault, and low battery indicator.

The SimplyGo also comes with a collapsible mobile cart and an accessory bag.

OxiMedical supplies portable oxygen concentrators, including the Philips SimplyGo, in Denver, Glendale, and Atlanta. Contact us now!

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You’ll rarely be given a full explanation, in part because it’s complicated. The answer is Yes and No.


No, Medicare will not purchase a portable oxygen concentrator. They provide only a monthly rental benefit for oxygen equipment.

No, Medicare will not cover a portable oxygen concentrator in addition to the oxygen tanks you most likely already receive. They don’t pay more money for more equipment.

Yes, your Medicare oxygen benefit covers the cost of oxygen. However, the portable oxygen benefit can be satisfied with larger gaseous tanks or a portable oxygen concentrator.

Note: Regardless of the equipment provided, Medicare pays the same amount (about $134 per month for 36 months = $4,800).

No, most homecare providers do not choose to provide a portable concentrator. Since they receive the same amount of reimbursement from Medicare for a portable concentrator as they would for an oxygen tank.

Note: Portable oxygen concentrators are more costly for an oxygen provider to provide.

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