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CAIRE Medical Products Made Possible by CHART Industries’ Innovation

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Oxygen Therapy Equipment

As the biomedical division of CHART Industries, CAIRE Medical manufacturers have reached global recognition in the HME market for their highly esteemed portable oxygen concentrators.

About CAIRE Inc.

CAIRE is one of the most prominent names in the HME industry, as they offer an extensive selection of portable oxygen concentrators and home stationary concentrators that cater to a wide variety of respiratory diseases. Using superior UltraSense Technology, CAIRE provides personalized oxygen therapy to patients with a number of unique hi-flow portable concentrators, which range from the new Freestyle Comfort at only 4.9 pounds to the 18 pound Caire Eclipse hi-flow trans-portable concentrator that provides a continuous flow of up to 3 liters.

About CHART Industries

As the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of cryogenic equipment, CHART Industries lives up to their claim, “You may never use the products we make, but everyone uses the products we make possible.”

The separation of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases from the air and the liquefaction of natural gas, as well as the distribution and storage of these precious gasses, is incredibly important to the energy, life science, and respiratory healthcare industries. With CHART’s highly engineered products, scientists around the globe now have access to the liquid gas supply chain.

Oxygen Concentrators Made Possible

The respiratory healthcare sector is arguably the most significant division of CHART’s products. Through CAIRE Medical, CHART Industries is able to deliver oxygen not only to countless COPD patients and care providers but to our troops overseas as well. CAIRE manufactures durable oxygen products specifically designed to accommodate military specifications and provide a reliable source of oxygen in field hospitals and the harshest environments.

Thanks to CHART Industries, CAIRE allows patients to stay active and connected to their peers, friends, and family. COPD patients who use CAIRE products can rest assured, knowing they are receiving oxygen therapy from one of the most advanced and trusted brands on the market.

By: Isabelle Marie Bourque