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How to Save Money when Traveling with Portable Oxygen

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Traveling with Oxygen

Oxygen users become pretty hesitant to travel when they get put on oxygen. There are different levels of need, some users only need it for the flight while some users need it 24/7. Many times we get asked how do I fly with oxygen and where do I go to get an oxygen machine approved by the airlines.

We always start out by instructing our customers to contact the airline first and inform the airline of their oxygen requirement for the flight. Once that is established they may need to get an oxygen airline form filled out by their doctor. The airlines will require 150% battery life of the flight time for all domestic flights, so if you’re flying 4 hrs you would need a total of 6 hrs to be compliant.

You can rent a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, which typically runs from $200-$300. The price can vary if your Rental is for multiple weeks. Best to speak to a rental specialist for our travel rental program.

If you are traveling multiple times a year or plan to, we recommend considering purchasing a portable concentrator for the most cost-effective option. We have new Travel Approved devices starting at $1795, and we also sell pre-owned starting at $1400.     

Traveling with oxygen can be a hassle if you’re not prepared, but at Oximedical we make it a breeze. Our specialist will make sure all of your questions and requirements are met while being able to enjoy your travels with ease. Call us at 800-335-1633 to speak to an Oxygen Specialist and see how you can save money on your portable oxygen traveling ventures.