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Improved Inogen One G3 – Now Quieter and More Powerful

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Featured, Inogen, News | 31 comments

Known for its small size, lightweight, and reliability, the Inogen One G3 has been well-received in the marketplace for many years and is arguably their flagship portable oxygen concentrator. Recently Inogen made several welcome upgrades to their popular Inogen One G3.

First, Inogen increased the oxygen capacity from a maximum of 840 mL per minute to 1050 mL per minute. This increase in oxygen allows for an additional pulse setting. Thus, the new Inogen One G3 provides pulse settings from 1 to 5.

Second, Inogen made the G3 quieter. When reviewing the original Inogen G3 several years ago, I found only one problematic flaw – the noise! The Inogen One G3 had a rather loud purging sound and I could not recommend it for those who are noise sensitive or frequent quiet places, such as the theater. Inogen finally corrected the issue. The new high-flow Inogen One G3 is noticeably quieter than the original version.

Finally, the particle filters have been improved. Previously made of a rubber-type material, the new filters consist of a durable stainless steel mesh enclosed by a plastic frame. These new filters, which are only compatible with the high flow G3, will require less frequent replacement.


  1. David Malone

    Waiting on your review of the G4. My wife is a collaborative pianist, plays in church and for recitals where the dba of the POC is critical in choosing which model/brand. The G4 is listed @ 40 dBA on a setting of 2. I think the G3 is 38 dBA on 2.

    • Allison Waters

      I will review the Inogen One G4 as soon as I can get my hands on one. Inogen is currently providing them only to their patients. The G3 is 39 dBA, so I expect the 40 dBA of the G4 to be noticeably louder.

  2. Betty

    I wouldl like to know where i can get the new quieter g3

    • Allison Waters

      All internet resellers should have the newer, quieter G3. A reputable company that offers good customer service is OxiMedical.com

  3. Kathleen beaudette

    Re Inogen g 3 vs Simply go mini . Which one delivers more 02 & which is lighter weight? Do both go to 6L on pulse? Are they both continuous flow?

    • Allison Waters

      Both the Inogen One G3 and SimplyGo Mini provide pulse settings only up to setting 5. Neither unit provides continuous flow, and neither go to setting 6 – only setting 5. The Inogen One G3 provide slightly more oxygen – 1050 mL/min maximum vs. 1000 mL/min maximum for the Mini. Both units weigh 5 pounds with the small battery and about 6 pounds with the large battery.

  4. Rickie Daniels

    Does this unit allow for 20 breaths per minute? I’m looking at this and the Simply Go, and trying to pick.

    I have an older G3 and I like the backpack that is more stablized, but interested in performance as well.

  5. Skip

    I just bought a new G3 and I noticed a small clicking sound as I was taking oxygen. Is that normal?

    • allison

      Yes, that is normal. It is the sound of the oxygen delivery mechanism and is common for all pulse dose POCs.

  6. Bruce Hops

    Having spoken with an efficient representative of your co. several months ago, I would gladly find his number again. I have lost both his name & number.. We spoke Spanish, as he was in south America. Thx. in advance,

    • Allison Waters

      You must have me mixed up with a retailer. I don’t have a company, nor do I sell equipment, so I don’t know of any representative in South America.

  7. Libby

    Hi I was wondering how does the new G3 5L version compare with the G2 in terms of noise? Is the purging sound about the same as the g2 now or still more noticeable? Thanks in advance.

    • Allison Waters

      The new G3 5L is better than the older model, but still not as quiet as the G2.

  8. Barbara McEn

    My G3 is one year old and has been wonderful,but now no breath detected alarm goes off while I’m wearing it, I can’t get the alarm to stop unless I inhale with my mouth on the cannula. I had the same problem with my first poc after three years, it was Activoxx . Any ideas why this would happen.

    • Allison Waters

      Check your cannula to be sure that there are no kinks or crimps. If the cannula is in good condition and there have been no changes to your ability to inhale through your nose, then it is possible that the sensor is failing and is not recognizing normal inhalation pressure. I recommend having it checked as the sensor may need to be replaced.

  9. Brian Devitte

    My wife G3 came up with OXYGEN LOW alarm so we sent in for repairs on July 2017 we got the machine back on July 17 2017 On July 27 2017 my wife ended up in the HOSIPTAL because her G3 was showing OXYGEN LOW again I sent it back on Aug ! 2017 to be fixed again it is now the 21 st day of Aug and STILL NO G3

  10. Barry Drake

    Is the 39DbA you talked about on the highest or the lowest setting?

    • Allison Waters

      Manufacturers typically provide specifications at Setting 2.

  11. Carolyn Murphy

    I have had nothing but problems with the Inogen G3. I received my very first unit a week ago and since then have had two replacements due to horrible noise factors. With each unit I needed to return, an Inogen customer care rep was able to hear the loud noise over the phone and authorized and exchange. I received my 3rd unit yesterday and while the sound is a bit quieter than the other two units that had problems, this one still seems to be quite loud. I have had 3 different family/friends listen to the unit and all said they would never be able to sleep with this on, or take it to a movie theater. These are the reasons I purchased the G3 in the first place, so now I don’t know what to do.

  12. Chris davies

    What will be my flow setting on an inogen g3 if my doctor prescribes 1lpm at rest and do I increase that when starting exercise or stay on the same setting to improve long term breathing

    • Allison Waters

      Unfortunately, since the Inogen One G3 is a pulse unit, I am unable to give you an exact answer. The flow setting would be whatever is needed to maintain your blood oxygen saturation at the level prescribed by your doctor. While many oxygen users can use the setting that matches their liter flow, others need a higher setting. I recommend you consult with your doctor to determine the flow setting required for resting and active use.

  13. Jeff Pittman

    Hi Allison – what a helpful site you have here! Can you advise how to tell this newer & better G3 from older models? I have a G2 and a G4 (both bought from estates) and am thinking of trading my G4 for a G3 as I often need more than the 3L max setting on the G4. And the G4’s battery life is lame in my experience, even with the big batteries. It’s fine for local shopping, etc. but I take the more powerful and longer-lasting G2 when traveling by air. It would be nice to have something more travel-friendly than the G2 but with more mojo than the G4, and the G3 looks like a workable compromise.

    If I run across a refurbed G3 I’d like to save some $$ vs. a new one, but I want this upgraded model that you’ve described. If you can advise how to distinguish between the two I’d be most grateful.



    • Allison Waters

      The older model G3 provides only up to setting 4, while the newer G3 has setting 5. It’s a distinct difference that makes it very easy to know which model you are getting.

      • Pat

        After 3 years of constant Inogen problems and horrific CS I am changing suppliers (Medicare rentals), but thru all the hassles I did learn that the S/N tells the year it was made with the first 2 numbers. Inogen was sending as old as 2014 (14……).

        I am about to go thru a local company who uses Zen-0 and this unit also goes to a 6 pulse.

  14. GUY S. SHARP

    I am having trouble with my G3 ! it will get up to 4.on the scale. Couldn’t tell the difference between 3. r 4> Is this a problem or do I have a “bad” G3.. I also have the g3 home unit that worked one day, we changed location and reset it but doesn’t won’t work at all now. I noticed the vial on the

    • Allison Waters

      I recommend you use a fingertip pulse oximeter to check your blood oxygen level using the G3 at setting and setting 4. If your saturation is not high enough then you’ll want to speak with your supplier. Also with the Inogen At Home unit, any issues should be addressed with your supplier.

  15. Maria

    We keep my dads inogen 3 on 4 liters when we take him out, at home he has a separate concentrator. Yesterday after going out we realized the Inogen was on setting 1. Could this be a fault in unit? We have had it about 1 1/2, and clean filters regularly. How or why would it change settings on its own?

    • Allison Waters

      I have not heard of a unit changing settings on its own. It was most likely changed unknowingly but if it occurs repeatedly then there must be something wrong with the electronics inside the machine.

  16. Wayne Hovey

    I have a Inogen one G3 Model:10-300. I’m looking to purchase new batteries for it but don’t know which to buy. My question is: I find some new ones on Ebay for a reasonable price but the numbers on them are different than the ones I have. Some have Model: BA-300 94.4 Wh 6.5 Ah, while others have 83..5 Wh 5.8 Ah. Others I have found on Ebay have Model: 1400-1010-8. What is the difference, and are the batteries interchangeable?

    • OxiMedical

      The batteries are on interchangeable. You would need to purchase BA-300 (8-cell battery) or BA-316 (16-cell battery). The BA-316 will last twice as long, but will be larger and heavier.