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Stop and Read This Before You Buy a Cheap Portable Oxygen Machine

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Maybe you’re feeling tied down by your cumbersome home oxygen tank. Or perhaps you’re tired of paying high concentrator rental prices, or are becoming frustrated by the noise – and increase to your energy bill – that your current machine makes. Whatever your reason may be, you’ve talked to your doctor and decided the time has come to invest in your own portable oxygen concentrator.

It may be tempting to find a low-cost machine online; however,  as with many things in life, you get what you pay for, and health and wellness is never a good place to scrimp!

Read on for five reasons it’s worth it to invest in quality portable oxygen machines through a reputable company.

1. Assurance that your machine is medical grade

Many machines that you can find online may appear to be a great deal; however, the lower price point is likely because they are designed purely for recreational use, and made with cheap parts that will not hold up to consistent use. They also are often not designed to supply the level of oxygen deemed medically necessary for individuals who need oxygen to support their daily routines and activities.

2. Personal customer service

Reputable oxygen machine sellers, such as OxiMedical, have customer service representatives who genuinely care about helping you and finding the right equipment and solutions to meet your needs. Here at OxiMedical, we also offer a no-pressure consultation service and a risk-free trial so you can be confident that your new machine is the best fit for you and your lifestyle. Additionally, if you experience any issues with your machine after purchase, we will immediately address this, provide repairs, and give you a loaner machine at no cost. Other online outlets selling low-cost machines likely won’t respond to you if you encounter issues!

3. Functionality

The latest in oxygen concentrator technology provides machines that are surprisingly subtle and understated. High-quality concentrators are lightweight and easy to carry, with no need for bulky tanks or inconvenient refills. They also have long-lasting, rechargeable batteries that allow you to get around hassle-free.

4. Durability and longevity

Although the machines we carry are durable, sometimes accidental damage is inevitable. With OxiMedical’s drop-it protection program, we’ll repair or replace your machine at no extra cost if it’s dropped or accidentally damaged. We also offer automatic replacement and have a warranty program in place to ensure that you always have a quality, working product.

Plus, our trade-in upgrade program and buy-back program ensure that you won’t be held back by a machine that no longer works best for you or your lifestyle.

5. Financing options

Here at OxiMedical, we know that oxygen concentrators can be an intimidating expense, but we don’t want that to prevent anyone from getting the equipment they need in order to live their best lives. We offer financing options, and our customer service team is always happy to walk you through your payment options once you find the machine that is best for you.

OxiMedical sells high-quality oxygen concentrators with a focus on our customers, and helping them access the equipment they need to continue to live vibrant, active lives.  Schedule your free, no-pressure consultation with us today!