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How Can Oxygen Concentrators Help People with COPD?

by | May 19, 2022 | Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Sixteen million Americans are living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Receiving a diagnosis and having difficulty breathing can be scary, but with proper care and treatment you do not have to experience a low quality of life. 

One effective form of treatment is oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy can come in a couple of different forms:

Tanks: Many insurance companies will default to providing coverage for oxygen tanks for those diagnosed with COPD. They provide a steady form of oxygen in gas form, but there are many drawbacks. Tank users find them heavy, clunky, and hard to wheel around when running errands. They can only supply oxygen for a short period of time, are not conducive to an active lifestyle, and are not permitted on airplanes. 

Concentrators: Individuals with COPD usually prefer oxygen concentrators over tanks for the freedom they gain to be active and live their lives. Oxygen concentrators work by pulling oxygen from the air, offering different flows of oxygen to fit an individual’s needs. 

Oxygen concentrators can be stationary or portable. Portable options can weigh as little as a few pounds and give people with COPD the freedom to run errands, be active, and travel without having to worry about symptoms or running out of a supply of oxygen.

A person with COPD who uses a portable oxygen concentrator might be able to:

  • Exercise
  • Sleep better
  • Extend their life
  • Perform daily errands and activities
  • Protect their lungs, heart, and brain from damage due to low oxygen

The best form of oxygen therapy will depend on your needs and your lifestyle. Talk to an OxiMedical oxygen specialist today about your needs and we can help you determine the best equipment for you. Please call us at 855-847-4544.