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What to do when you need more than 3 LPM

by | Jun 19, 2013 | Learn | 8 comments

I recently received a request for information about a portable oxygen concentrator that can provide more than 3 LPM on continuous flow. I agree with the commenter that tanks are an unsatisfactory option, and want to provide those in a similar predicament with an alternative.

Unfortunately, 3 LPM is the highest continuous flow setting available for any portable oxygen concentrator on the market today. I don’t foresee that changing any time soon because in order to provide higher flow settings, the motor would have to be too large to allow the unit to have useful portability. Most portable concentrators that provide continuous flow oxygen only work up to setting 2 or 2 1/2 with the car adapter, and provide no more than 1.5 hours on battery. The power needed to operate an even larger unit just makes it impracticable.

chad oxymizer

However, I have seen an interesting conserver, called the Oxymizer. It allows you to obtain higher flow settings on a continuous flow machine. According to the manufacturer, Chad Therapeutics:

The OXYMIZER oxygen conserving device is a disposable product used in the routine nasal administration of oxygen. As a result of its unique design, the OXYMIZER device efficiently administers oxygen while providing the following features:

  • No batteries required
  • A savings in oxygen usage of up to 75%, depending on flow rate
  • Allows you to obtain the equivalent of 7.5 liters from a 5-liter concentrator
  • Increased length of time that an oxygen user can be away from his/her primary oxygen source
  • Built-in humidification effect
  • Compatible with a wide variety of oxygen sources, including compressed gas, concentrators and liquid oxygen

When used with a portable unit that provides 3 LPM, such as the SeQual Eclipse 3 or DeVilbiss iGo, the Oxymizer provides about 5.5 LPM and may be the solution to meet your oxygen needs. I have seen the Oxymizer available for purchase at OxiMedical.com.


  1. John

    Hi Allison. Another option for patients with continuous liter flows above 3 is the Eclipse3 and Eclipse5. With AutoSat, the ability to change the Trigger Sensitivity, Rise Time and the Larger Settings you are able to accomadate a larger number of patients.

  2. pasquale abruzzi

    Pasquale Abruzzi My pulmonologist had never seen a POC until i brought the POC to her offcise. I have done a great deal of research to understance how these POC operate Since these POC are breath operated when you walk your breath increases to 20breaths/min which is beyond the capability of POC I have read thrugh some patents. Anyone who knows something diffent please advice. Remenber that the POC was issued because your oxygen was below 90% SO ciao

  3. Susan cyrus

    Is there anyway to get more than 5 liters of oxgyen in a portable tank

    • Allison Waters

      An Oxymizer Pendant Cannula can boost the oxygen you receive from a continuous flow regulator on a tank or continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator.

  4. Debra Green

    I need at least 4 05 5 continues flow please help me what to choose. a portable oxygen

    • Allison Waters

      Unfortunately, 3 LPM is the highest that any portable concentrator is able to provide. However, you may want to try a SeQual Eclipse with an Oxymizer Pendant, which increases the effective output of an oxygen concentrator.

  5. Lou Carey

    I have a fairly new portable Imogen…would the Oxymizer work with it and where can I go to buy one?

    • Allison Waters

      Inogen portable units are pulse only and therefore, cannot be used with an Oxymizer Pendant which requires a continuous flow of oxygen.