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Product Review: P2

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Product Reviews, Rhythm Healthcare | 4 comments

P2 Product Review

Rhythm Healthcare is a relatively new manufacturer to join the portable oxygen concentrator market, but the introduction of the P2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator came at just the right time. When other manufacturers were facing long delays due to supply chain issues, Rhythm Healthcare provided a portable concentrator that filled the gap and is proving to be a welcome addition to the market.

What you get with the P2

The Rhythm P2 comes standard with the P2 concentrator in a snug-fitting carry bag with shoulder strap, AC and DC adapters for home and car, and one (1) rechargeable battery. Optional accessories include a desktop battery charger and backpack.

The P2 measures 8.7″ wide x 6.3″ high x 3.3″ deep and weighs just 4.37 pounds. It offers 5 flow settings and provides up to 5 hours of battery time on setting 1 (4 hours on setting 2).


Comparing the P2 to other POC Models

The P2 is larger and more powerful than the Inogen One G4, smaller and just as powerful as the SimplyGo Mini and CAIRE Comfort, and smaller yet less powerful than the Inogen One G5, which provides 6 flow settings.

P2 –  What I like about it

While remaining very competitive in size and functionality, the P2 is notably less expensive than other models. A savings of several hundred dollars can make a difference for many in whether they can enjoy the benefits of a portable oxygen concentrator or not.

There is also a nifty feature that I have not seen with other POC models. The shoulder strap of the carry bag has an extra velcro piece that can be used to corral the nasal cannula and keep it close to the strap, which is helpful when wearing the unit over your shoulder.

P2 – What I Wish Were Better

Unlike other portable concentrators, such as the Inogen One G5, SimplyGo Mini, and CAIRE Comfort, which place the battery at the foot of the machine and can easily be accessed via the zippered opening, the P2 places the battery at the top of one end of the unit. This actually makes it easier to change the battery once the unit is out of the carry bag; however, since most people like to keep their machine in the carry bag, it has to be removed from the bag in order to change the battery. The carry bag is understandably a snug fit around the unit so it may be a hindrance for long travel where multiple battery changes are necessary. Fortunately, the battery is long-lasting and provides sufficient time for most excursions, including shopping or doctor’s appointments.

All-in-all, the P2 provides oxygen users with a quality machine at a bit more economical price and is worth your consideration when choosing an oxygen concentrator. 


  1. Kenneth Boren

    I agree that the battery replacement is difficult as designed. I wish Rhythm, instead of redesigning the machine, redesign the tote bag so it does not have to be completely removed(nor have to disconnect and reconnect the cannula). I would be happy to buy a newly designed bag. Otherwise, I am very pleased with my P2.

  2. Risa

    I have just started to use this POC. I like the size but not the side prong instead of top prong for attaching the cannula. I am constantly getting a kink at the attachment site when the shoulder strap catches it. Very fussy. I tried to use one of those plastic items that can try to keep it from kinking, but it doesn’t fit the cannula circumference. It keeps falling off. Also, I don’t know where to get a refurbished battery that is cheaper than a new one. I need an extra to go out or for exertion. I wish the system went up to 6 levels of oxygen like my previous POC. My last critique is wanting a backpack for this. I couldn’t find any that would work properly. Sorry for adding so many negative comments. I am on Medicare and sometimes the providers just bring you what they have.

  3. Larry Ramsier

    My machine quit working on less than 100 hours and can’t get any help getting it fixed. I moved recently and some how all the papers on my machine were lost. I don’t remember the company that sold it. I have stopped payment on the machine. If you can help me on how to return it I will return it. I think I was ripped off. Thank You.

    • OxiMedical

      We recommend you call the manufacturer of the machine. They will be able to tell you which dealer they sold it to, which in turn should be the company your purchased it from.