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Inogen One G2 Gets an Oxygen Boost and Provides Oxygen Up to Setting 6

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Inogen, News | 4 comments

Inogen has just released an improved Inogen One G2. The new Inogen One G2 units have an increased flow setting, now providing up to pulse setting 6. Formerly, the Inogen One G2 provided oxygen up to pulse setting 5. Not only does the new Inogen One G2 go up to a higher setting, but the amount of oxygen delivered at each of the lower settings has increased by nearly 17%.

The Inogen One G2 provides oxygen in minute/volume delivery. The amount of oxygen delivered per minute is as follows:

Setting 1 – 210 mL
Setting 2 – 420 mL
Setting 3 – 630 mL
Setting 4 – 840 mL
Setting 5 – 1050 mL
Setting 6 – 1260 mL

At an average breathing rate of 20 breaths per minute, you would receive the following amount of oxygen per breath:

Setting 1 – 10.5 mL
Setting 2 – 21 mL
Setting 3 – 31.5 mL
Setting 4 – 42 mL
Setting 5 – 52.5 mL
Setting 6 – 63 mL

 So far, this upgrade on the Inogen One G2 has happened with no formal announcement and no fanfare. You’ll want to make sure that you receive the latest model Inogen One G2 if you plan to make a purchase soon.


  1. Judith white

    It would be really nice to compare the prices and weights of the POCs you describe on your site. It seems the most important pieces of information.

    • Allison Waters

      Since I do not sell oxygen equipment and prices fluctuate in the marketplace, providing pricing is beyond the scope of this blog. However, you can expect to pay in the range of $2000 to $2500 for new base model portable oxygen concentrator. Your suggestion for a comparison chart for weights is good; I am working on that now.

  2. holley

    How can you find what year a inogen one g2 was made by the serial number . trying to find out how old it is thsnks

    • Allison Waters

      You would have to call Inogen and provide them with the serial number. You can reach Inogen Customer Service at 877-466-4364.