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New SeQual Eclipse Models: Eclipse 3 Plus and Eclipse 5

by | Jul 31, 2013 | News, SeQual | 7 comments

Since being acquired by Chart Industries a couple of years ago, SeQual has been making some much-welcomed improvements to its flagship portable oxygen concentrator, the Eclipse. Most of the work has been inside the Eclipse 3, with noticeable improvement in performance and fewer technical service issues.

SeQual Eclipse 3 Plus

Now, even the outside of the Eclipse 3 has gotten a new look, with a carbon fiber case that is more durable than the standard case. I’ve seen this special Eclipse 3 called the Eclipse 3 Plus to differentiate it from a standard Eclipse 3. I’ve also heard that it is a wee bit quieter, too.

New SeQual Eclipse 5

And in just a few weeks, the NEW Eclipse 5 will be available! This model will have the standard case, include all the internal improvements we’ve been seeing over the past year, and probably a few more. The most significant improvement with the introduction of the Eclipse 5 is the ability to use it on 3 LPM continuous flow in the card on DC power. For those with higher oxygen needs, this is great news indeed.

Wait! What about the Eclipse 4? Did I miss something?

Astute readers will notice that SeQual is jumping from Eclipse 3 to Eclipse 5. No, they did not forget the number 4. But it seems that in international markets, the number 4 is as unlucky as number 13 here in the States. So voila, they just took a hop, skip, and jump right over it.

The SeQual Eclipse was one of the earliest portable oxygen concentrators on the market. And it remains the most powerful portable oxygen concentrator available. With continuous flow settings up to 3 LPM, standard pulse flow settings of 1 – 6, and bonus pulse settings that are roughly equivalent to 7, 8, and 9, the Eclipse is a great portable oxygen concentrator that is hard to beat in power and performance.


  1. Gunter Godicke

    I read in the Intenet, that a new POC from Sequal will be on the market soon called Equinox. What do you think about this one? Is that true? I want to buy a
    POC and would wait,until he is available.Thank you for your answer.Best regards

    • Allison Waters

      Yes, SeQual will be introducing a new POC called the eQuinox. It is expected to be 33% smaller than the Eclipse and weigh about 12 pounds. However, there is no word yet as to when it will be released. It has already received FDA and FAA approval, so it should be available soon. The big industry trade show is in October. Hopefully, I’ll have more news so share following the show.

    • Allison Waters

      As an update: I have heard that the Equinox will not be available until next spring. Also, you can expect it to be about 30% more expensive than the SeQual Eclipse.

  2. Vijay dedhia

    What are the differences between eclipse 3& 5

    • Allison Waters

      My latest post on the SeQual Eclipse 5 explains the new features of the Eclipse 5. The primary difference is the ability to power the unit on all continuous flow settings and charge the battery while plugged into DC power in the car.

  3. Rickie Daniels

    What is the live of the Sequel 5 battery. I realize there are variables to that question. I just received a unit from my provider and fear the two batteries will be insufficient. I’m out and about quite a bit. My script says 3 continuous, but I like the six pulse better all around. Relatively small gal in my 70’s.
    Thanks so much for a good guess.

    • Allison Waters

      A new battery should last 3 to 3.5 hours on setting 6.