Will Medicare Pay For My Portable Oxygen?

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A lot of our customers seek the best oxygen equipment available. As you may know, your private insurance and Medicare do not always think the same. Medicare will provide only a rental reimbursement for medically necessary oxygen equipment; Medicare does not provide for the purchase of oxygen equipment. However, most respiratory equipment suppliers are not convinced Medicare pays enough for them to see a return on their investment and while they must provide portable oxygen, they are not required to give you a portable oxygen concentrator.

To break down how the process works, in almost all states the reimbursement is $14-$16 a month for portable oxygen. Here is where things get tricky!! Portable oxygen in the eyes of your insurance and Medicare can mean heavy tanks, liquid devices, or battery-operated devices. Let’s look back at the $14-$17 reimbursement that Insurance/Medicare pay their contracted suppliers, they can only bill you for 3 years at which point the following two years they don’t get any money for services that they render.

Thus, the contracted Medicare supplier only makes $180 a year to provide you with portable oxygen. Tanks cost 2 – 3 cents to fill up. They can provide you usually 10-15 tanks and only spend about $5, compared to $2000 which is the average cost of a portable device at wholesale/discounted price. Thus, most medical suppliers can never make any return or profit at the fixed fee they get reimbursed from Medicare if they supply a portable oxygen concentrator.

Unfortunately, the only way to ensure you have Portable Oxygen and the freedom to live life as you want to is to purchase one.

Now, more than ever oxygen patients are boldly taking control of their own healthcare! How?… By purchasing their own equipment. The benefits of Portable Oxygen Concentrators are far greater than the cost of the machines. There are immense possibilities with portable oxygen concentrators that are waiting to enhance your life. Don’t let your oxygen prescription change your life! Stop feeling confined to your home. A Portable Oxygen Concentrator will allow you to continue to work, travel, visit family, participate in hobbies, socialize and maintain your independent lifestyle while enhancing your quality of life!

We know how stressful it can be, so our goal is to buy large quantities of portable concentrators from the manufacturers and sell them at wholesale pricing! We also offer promotional offers when we can to try and move product so we can guarantee the industry’s lowest pricing available!


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